TC tv: Tanikka CharraeĀ“ Hosts for PJ MORTON @ the Arts Garage

A while back a good friend of mine, Tanikka Charrae’, was honored with the privilege of hosting IM3Media’s event at a Philly venue called the Arts Garage. The headliner for the show was Maroon 5’s keyboardist and newly signed Young Money Cash Money Billionaires artist, PJ Morton. PJ was nice enough to bring out some of his friends to get the party started, Thomas ‘TC’ Clay and Aaron Camper.

So why was I there? Well for one, to support my bestie Tanikka Charrae’, who I’ve yet to mention is an amazing solo artist who also sings backing vocals for the great Lauryn Hill. I was also there taping some footage for the upcoming TCtv docu-seroes, The Climb. A series showing a young artist’s climb/grind to make a name in the music industry. That young artist… you got it, Tanikka Charrae.

All that said, I had a blast watching the excitement on stage and off. I love being back stage, reminds me of my old theater days. Something about that cool creative, wild, nervous, energy building up to something magnificent for all the people in the audience…who by the way, had to wait like 2 hrs before the show started. I don’t think they were disappointed at all by the end of the night.

It was a high energy, fast paced, night and I had a ball. Now I did make a lot of mistakes that night, but I also laughed with good beautiful people, networked with some great artists, and learned what not to do next time.

In my down time, I was able to get some stills. I’ll drop em below. Stay and check em out. Thanks!!

Click on them and they’ll get bigger…




So I have been trying to get more into video. I have a lot of ideas in this big ol head of mine, but I’m still learning about editing and even shooting so I do what I can. After I got my new camera with HD video, I went out to Treasures’ Open mic with a good friend of mine. While I was there I took a little video of the happenings of the night. Ā The picture above one of only about 6 pictures taken that night. He’s the owner of the club, and I guess he was the bartender that night too. Well Check out my lil commercial I made with the footage I shot. Wait…nevermind. I can’t upload video with this account! LOL Maybe I’ll put it on my youtube or something.

Don’t judge me. I’m new to this.

Ok. Youtube link below!