Village: An Afro Futuristic Fable

I was working on a film project that kinda got left on the editing floor and wanted to get more experience. I decided I’d had my current dslr for quite a while, and could benefit from treating myself to an upgrade. So I went out and purchased the Canon T2i, not a full sensor camera, but hey it’s what I could afford at the time. I am a techy and love to buy electronics and things, but I was going through my usual state of buyers remorse. Did I really have the money for this camera? Should I return it? Maybe I’ll just test it out until my 30 days are up on the return policy? Do I even get enough photography gigs to make my money back? yada yada yada!

Ironically, 2 days after I bought the camera, I received a call from @Jos_Works (follow her on twitter), a multi-talented artist and filmmaker. She was actually brought in on the film project I was just talking about to help out with some writing and directing. She was calling to ask me to do photography and/or video for a multi-media play she was producing at the CEC.

To say the least, I was honored and jumped at the chance. I took photos one night and shot video on another. I had a great time at the event. Took lots of pictures and even wanted to get out on the stage myself. Something bout the Djembe man! It was a high energy show with singing, dancing, drummers, and short video interlaced throughout the play. On the day that I did video, luckily Jos had another person shooting as well, because I forgot to turn my mic on for the first 2 scenes! EEEK! That could’ve been a major disaster, buuuuuuut that’s why Jos is a professional and I’m not!

Even though I can be very hard on myself, I still feel very encouraged and excited about my progress. I’m learning a lot from Jos and look forward to doing many other projects with her and gaining as much wisdom as I can from her. Jos made a short excerpt of the footage I shot, I’ll post the link below. I’m looking forward to see what she did with the full edit. I also have my own footage, so I’ll be able to experiment and learn more about editing my own short clips from the play. Maybe I’ll post them later when I get around to it.

Here’s the link ——–>>>>>> Check it out!

Some pictures from the event…. Check me out. Oh and say something…lol

—–>>>>>>> Click on the pic and it’ll expand

Hope  you enjoyed them!


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